What Is Brass?

  • Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, which is famous and preferred in various industrial locations for its hardness, workability, corrosion resistance and great looks.

Which Are The Brass Products That You Manufacture?

The range of brass products that we manufacture consist of:

  • Brass Inserts
  • Brass Decorative Parts
  • Brass Terminal Bars
  • Brass Anchor
  • Brass Switchgear Parts
  • Brass Electrical Connectors
  • Brass Electrical Plugins
  • Brass Eye Bolts
  • Brass Assemblies
  • Brass Sheet Cutting
  • Brass Electronic Pins
  • Brass Pipe Inserts
  • Brass Fitting Parts
  • Brass Special Fasteners
  • Brass Special Components

Why Choose Your Industry For Brass Components?

  • We have conventional and automatic machines to manufacture the products and every product is tested in the departments for their flawless performance.

What Is The Ratio Of Copper To Zinc In The Brass Components?

  • The ratio of copper to zinc depends on the characteristics of the brass part that you require.

Are You Supplier Or Exporter Of Brass Parts?

  • We manufacture various kinds of brass parts and not only supply them, but also export them in various countries of the world like UK, USA, Canada, South Korea, China, etc.

Are Your Brass Products Certified?

  • Yes, they are. Every brass product and component is certified and honored with ISO 9001 certificate.

What Is The Price Of The Brass Parts?

  • The price of brass parts depends on the component that you purchase and in addition to this, it also depends on the modification that you require in the standard model to suit your requirement.