Brass Parts Manufacturer

Brass Parts Manufacturer

Our company we established in the year 1992, and since then it has been in the market for providing the largest range of high quality brass parts and components. Which has attained the ISO 9001 certificate. We are the manufacturer of the extraordinary range of brass components like precision turned brass, brass decorative parts, switch gear parts, electrical connectors and plugins, brass pipe insert and fitting, brass terminal bars and several other special components. This wide variety of the brass parts are offered in a number of size, specifications and shape which are specified by the industries. Each part and component are made using the best grade of material and under complete supervision of the professionals who have years of experience.

More than 2 decades of experience in the market have enabled us to become the pioneer in manufacturing, supplying and exporting the brass parts and components. The ranges of product that we offer are highly appreciated by the clients all over the world for their excellent working, quality and durability. These brass parts components are widely used in a number of industries that are linked with automobile, electrical, telecommunication, mechanical, electronics, instrumentation, etc. The products that we offer are presented in the standard model and are even offered with a variety of coating, finishes, plating and also customized specifications on the request of the customer.

What Are Brass Parts?

Brass is a metallic alloy made from various combinations of copper and zinc. The proportion of the metals in it depends on the type of electrical and mechanical properties required in the prepared product. The components prepared from the brass gives an appearance like Gold. The main component of the brass parts manufacturer is copper and its quantity ranges from 55% to 95% by weight. The second main component is zinc of quantity from 5% to 40%. The brass parts are highly used in the locations and application areas where less friction is required like gears, valves, bearing, locks, pipe fittings, switch gear, electrical plugins, connectors, etc. To improve the machine ability, lead is also added up to 3.8%. The main reason why brass parts are used is that they do not catch fire and can be easily utilized in fittings or in industries that manufacture explosive and spark has to be strictly avoided. In addition to this the brass parts have great work-ability and resistance to the corrosion.

Brass Parts in India

Range of products

  • Brass Parts
  • Brass Fitting Parts
  • Brass Decorative Parts
  • Brass Switchgear Parts
  • Brass Turned Parts
  • Brass Earthing Parts
  • Customized Brass Parts
  • Brass Anchors
  • Brass Screws, Nuts Bolts
  • Brass Parts Components

Steps Taken For Brass Parts Process

The manufacturing process used to produce brass parts involves combining the raw materials in an appropriate amount by melting them and then allowing it to cool down and solidify. The shape and properties depend on the process and blend of crude materials to produce the desired quality of brass components. There are various steps that need to be undertaken to develop a prefect and strong brass parts and components.

The process to develop the brass parts is as follows:

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Features Of Brass Parts

  • Various combinations of copper and zinc as per the application
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Highly preferable for electrical and electronics applications
  • Precise dimensions
  • High ductility
  • Desired shapes and size
  • Customization as per requirement
  • International quality of brass parts
  • Smooth finish
  • Non-magnetic and non-sparking property
  • Strong and robust structure

Why Shiv Om Brass Industries Brass Parts Is Unique?

  • Highly skilled and talented team of professionals
  • Excellent range of high-tech equipment
  • Individual department for each process
  • Quality check
  • Large production line
  • Developed R & D department
  • Great production capacity
  • Standard and customized brass parts products